A Clean Slate: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Cleaning

Working hand in hand with industry partners, researchers from the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) are finding innovative ways to streamline cleaning in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

NAE Welcomes Three Scientists From Asia

A director of a pharmaceutical company, a power engineer and a water treatment technologist from Asia are among the members elected to the US’ National Academy of Engineering in 2019.

WuXi STA’s Facility Passes Fourth US FDA Inspection

The Jinshan facility is equipped with more than 100 modern reactors for drug manufacturing and houses industry-leading technology platforms for flow chemistry and biocatalysis.

Cipla To Sell Two Roche Biologics In India

Cipla Ltd. and Roche Products (India) Private Limited have signed a distribution agreement for the promotion and sale of tocilizumab and bevacizumab.

Fighting Superbugs With Supercharged Drugs

Scientists in Australia have developed a method to supercharge antibiotics to turn the tide against some of the world's toughest superbugs.

Is This Town Big Enough?

What does Singapore’s recent push towards deep technology mean for the country’s more mature life sciences sector?

Merck Commits €250 Million To Drug Production In China

Merck has inaugurated its Nantong plant in Jiangsu province, its largest manufacturing plant outside of Europe.

Pfizer Builds Global Biotechnology Center In China

The Center will produce high-quality, affordable biosimilar medicines for patients in China and around the world.

China Leads The World In Pharma Innovation: Report

Thanks to a strong emphasis on public-private partnerships and scientific research, China is now the world's leading region in pharmaceutical innovation.

Cipla Strengthens Presence In US Market

The UK arm of India-based pharmaceutical Cipla has acquired two US-based companies to further their reach in that region.