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How Cancer Cells Launch A Counterstrike Against BET Inhibitors

Cancer cells that develop resistance to BET inhibitors do so by recruiting the help of leukemia stem cells.

The Genetics Of Why Ovarian Cancer Treatments Fail

By using whole genome sequencing on 92 ovarian tumors, researchers have uncovered genes which confer resistance to chemotherapy.

Senhwa Biosciences Raises US$17m For Cancer Clinical Trials

Senhwa Biosciences has raised an additional US$17 million in Series B financing to drive its anticancer agents through critical clinical trials.

Over-The-Counter NSAIDs May Reduce Cancer Metastasis Risk, Study

A new study proposes that over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs may be useful in stopping the spread of cancer cells via the lymphatic system.

Treatment For Stomach Cancer To Be Decided By Genomic Classification Of Tumors

Researchers in Singapore have found that stomach tumors can be classified into two distinct disease variants that respond differently to chemotherapy.