Topical Gel Protects Farmers From Toxic Pesticides

A team of scientists in India have developed a gel to protect farmers against the neurotoxic effects of pesticides.

Tracking Pesticides Through An Insect’s Body

By combining laser-scanning with mass spectroscopy, researchers have managed to track the distribution of pesticides in the bodies of fruit flies.

Nanoparticles Make Pesticide Detection Super Sensitive

Using polystyrene coated magnetic nanoparticles, scientists in Singapore were able to detect trace amounts of pesticide on vegetables in less than two hours.

Ban Hazardous Pesticide To Prevent Farmer Suicides, Studies Say

Pesticide-related suicides may be prevented by policies are geared toward banning them rather than securing their storage.

A Simple Way To Detect Neurotoxic Chemicals

Researchers in Japan have tested a simpler and cheaper method to detect neurotoxic contaminants in water.

Anti-Zika Pesticide Linked To Motor Defects In Babies

Prenatal exposure to naled, a chemical used to ward off Zika-carrying mosquitoes, can impact the motor skills of infants.

Bundled Up Nanorods Detect Pesticides In Water

These silver nanorod bundles make it possible to sensitively and reliably detect pesticides in environmental samples.

Pesticide In Milk Associated With Parkinson’s Disease

Exposure to a pineapple pesticide via milk intake has been linked to an increased incidence of Parkinson's in Japanese men.

Thinking Beyond Organics For Safe Food And Water In South Asia

Broader alliances nudging markets towards public interest can save the organic movement, writes Nalaka Gunawardene.

Fast-Breeding Insect Devastates Java’s Rice

Java could lose up to six million tons of rice in 2014, unless something is done immediately to regulate and reduce pesticide use, James J. Fox warns.