Modelling Perovskite Interfaces For Better Electronics

A team of researchers in Japan have developed a computational method to model the structure of perovskite interfaces with high resolution and accuracy.

Two Asian Scientists Forecast To Receive 2017 Nobel Prize

Professors Tsutomu Miyasaka and Park Nam-Gyu have been named likely contenders for the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry by Clarivate Analytics.

Perovskite LEDs For A Brighter Future

Using a method known as chemical vapor deposition, scientists in Japan have created perovskite-based LEDs that may one day replace conventional LED lights.

Why Perovskite Solar Cells Are Intrinsically Unstable

Iodine-based perovskite solar cells are relatively cheaper and more efficient than conventional solar cells but their stability might pose a problem.

These Semi-Transparent Solar Cells Could Also Serve As Windows

Korean researchers have developed semi-transparent solar cells that reflect solar heat energy and could one day be used as solar windows.

Better Perovskites At The Flip Of A Switch

Exposure to formamidine gas converts perovskite into a more stable form without sacrificing quality.