A Flashy Trip Down Memory Lane

A novel memory device built by a Taiwan-Japan research team using perovskite material could enable seamless storage and high-speed data transfer.

The Future Of Solar Energy Looks Bright

Improvements in perovskite technology are combining with self-cleaning and solar forecasting innovations to make photovoltaics even more attractive than before.

Not Just Industrious, But Intelligent

High-performance computing is transforming the face of manufacturing while augmenting the way factories and facilities operate.

Carbon Nanotubes Boost Solar Cell Efficiency

Carbon nanotubes improve the stability and performance of perovskite solar cells, say scientists in Japan.

A Potential Substitute For Silicon In Solar Cells

Inorganic perovskites of a particular crystal configuration could outperform silicon in solar cells, scientists say.

Titanium Oxide Improves Perovskite Solar Cell Performance

By layering two different mineral forms of titanium oxide on perovskite, scientists in Japan have improved the efficiency of pervoskite-based solar cells by almost 17 percent.

Building Better Inorganic Perovskite LEDs

By using cesium trifluoroacetate, scientists have created bright, all-inorganic perovskite LEDs with a half-lifetime of over 250 hours.

Perovskite Capable Of Efficient Light-To-Electricity Conversion

Scientists have found that perovskites exhibit the carrier multiplication effect which allows them to turn light into electrical energy efficiently.

Making Solar Cells Both Stable And Affordable

By incorporating manganese into an all-inorganic perovskite solar cell, scientists have increased its efficiency and stability while keeping manufacturing costs low.

A Simple Solution For Stable Perovskite Solar Cells

Researchers in South Korea have developed inexpensive and highly stable perovskite solar cells by coating perovskite in a water-resistant material.