How Blind Football Players Stay On The Ball

Out of sight, out of mind? Not quite—by rotating their heads, blind footballers can accurately track incoming balls.

The Anatomical Link Between Cognition And Perception In Autism

The posterior superior parietal lobule links behavioral inflexibility and perceptual rigidity in patients with autism, scientists say.

Mom, Is That You?

A research group in Japan has found that babies are only able to recognize the side view of faces after six months of age.

How We Distinguish Reflective And Transparent Objects

Scientists have shown that humans depend on dynamic information processing to identify reflective and transparent materials.

Oxytocin Can Warp Our Sense Of Time

The hormone oxytocin is responsible for the temporal compression effect, where the duration of social interaction feels shorter than it actually is.

Humans Can Perceive Without Seeing

Through a visual search experiment, a research team in Japan has shown that we may be able to ‘see’ what’s behind us without having to turn around.

A Nod To Positive Impressions

A team of researchers in Japan have demonstrated that the act of nodding raises likability and approachability.

Can You See What I See?

A study by researchers at Kyoto University shows that visual perception may depend on birthplace and environment.

The Evolving Poetry Of Japanese Color Names

The Japanese words for green and blue are influenced by classical poetry but have also evolved over time.

The Mystery Of Size Constancy Over Varying Distances

Scientists have found a special set of cells in higher visual cortex encodes the size of an object, solving the perceptual mystery of size constancy.