Targeting The Achilles’ Heel Of Zika Virus

Singapore-based scientists have engineered a peptide that can rupture the Zika virus membrane and pass through the blood-brain barrier, making it a potential therapeutic against the disease.

Bioengineering A Synthetic Ion Channel

A team of researchers in Singapore has developed an artificial pore-forming ion channel which could be used to tackle cystic fibrosis, bacterial infections and cancer.

A Peptide That Protects Against Liver Cancer

Scientists in Singapore have developed a peptide drug that interferes with a molecular interaction that drives liver cancer progression.

A Peptide That Helps Plants Deal With Salt Stress

A research group in Japan has discovered a peptide that helps increase salt tolerance in plants.

Mirror-Image Nanoparticles Patterned On Peptides

Researchers have shown that chirality, which is typically observed in organic molecules, can be extended to three-dimensional metallic nanostructures.

Crossing The Gut To Avoid Injections

Using a screening technique known as phage display, scientists have identified three small intestine-permeable peptides that can improve the absorption of drugs in gut.

Frog Mucus Yields Virus-Killing Peptides

Researchers have isolated a peptide from frog mucus that can kill a wide range of flu viruses but appears harmless to human cells.