Setting Up Singapore’s Scientific Ecosystem For Success

To empower local researchers in their pursuit of great science, A*STAR’s Research Support Centre in Singapore offers expertise, scientific services and technological support all in one platform.

7 Must-Read Stories In February 2019

February 2019 also saw dynamic shifts in scientific leadership and business, but quantum computers and quantum communication dominated the conversation.

Boosting The Body’s Malaria-Fighting Capabilities

Researchers have identified a molecular pathway that makes natural killer cells more effective at eliminating the malaria parasite.

Renowned Pathologist K. Shanmugaratnam Dies At 97 (In Memoriam)

Shanmugaratnam established the Singapore Cancer Registry in 1967, and continued to consult and teach at Singapore’s National University Hospital well into his nineties.

For MERS, Two Drugs Are Better Than One

Scientists have identified two drugs that, when combined, prevented the replication of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in human lung tissue.

WuXi AppTec & Mayo Clinic To Jointly Develop Diagnostics

The collaboration will focus on co-developing new diagnostic tests and offering existing ones to health care providers and patients in China.

The Risks Of Consuming Adulterated Chinese Medicine

Scientists in Hong Kong have demonstrated that proprietary Chinese medicines contain a range of substances that can have adverse effects on health.

How Bunyaviruses Attack And Enter

Scientists in China have determined the structure of the a key glycoprotein in two viruses that cause febrile illnesses.

Stopping Bacteria By Their Tails

Disrupting biological nanomachines like the flagella of bacteria could be one effective way to prevent infectious diseases, scientists say.

Zika Virus Infections Can Lead To Male Infertility In Mice

Scientists have shown how Zika infections in mice can lead to testicular damage, and eventually, infertility.