Clearing The Way For Better Indoor Air Quality

The need for clean air indoors has made the indoor air quality market ripe for technological innovation. Download our white paper to find out more.

Cultivating CRISPR For Crops

For gene editing technologies like CRISPR to make a positive impact on agriculture, they must be embraced by companies both big and small. Corteva Agriscience is encouraging open innovation to help bridge the gap.

Getting Smart About Intellectual Property

Ideas and inventions can have immense commercial value, but not all intellectual property (IP) are alike. Find out which type of IP is most suitable for you.

Giving Credit Where It Is Due

Intellectual property laws strike a balance between incentivising innovation and ensuring that information and freedom of expression are not curtailed, says SMU Associate Professor Saw Cheng Lim.

Merck Granted CRISPR Patent In Singapore

Merck’s patent covers the successful integration of an external DNA sequence into the chromosome of eukaryotic cells using CRISPR gene editing.

Bacteria In Your Beer For A Happy Belly

Researchers in Singapore have patented a recipe for probiotic beer that not only tastes good but is also is good for gut health.

Singapore Appointed ASEAN’s First International Patent Authority

Singapore has joined China, India, Japan and Korea as an international patent authority recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Innovation Falling Behind In Parts Of Developing World

Many poorer countries are producing fewer innovations than they did in the 1990s, study says.

The Great Gene Rush

Forget gold, companies are now trying to make money from a rich new source—the human genome. But is this good or bad for research innovation? Zaria Gorvett discusses.

Asian Inventions Dominate Energy Storage Systems

Asian companies lead the pack in terms of number of patents awarded for energy storage technologies.