How China Beat Malaria

After four consecutive years of recording zero local cases, China is officially malaria-free—thanks to an innovative rapid reporting and response model.

Ancient Shellfish Sailed The Seas On The Shells Of Turtles

Colonizing the shells of live sea turtles might have allowed mollusks to encounter previously unexplored niches, scientists say.

Why Do Scorpions Glow Under UV Light?

Scientists in Japan have found that scorpions make a fluorescent compound to protect themselves from parasites.

Protein In Mosquitos’ Saliva Impacts Feeding

Scientists in Japan and Portugal have shown that a protein called AAPP, found in mosquito saliva, affects the insects' feeding behavior, with implications for mosquito fitness.

How Worms Hijack Stem Cells To Create Their Nests

Root-knot nematodes can manipulate the stem cells of plant roots to form their nests, study says.

Researcher Discovers New Catfish Parasite Species In His Spare Time

Curiosity killed the cat(fish). A Japanese scientist has discovered a new species of fish parasite from invasive catfish he caught out of curiosity.