Rapid, Rigorous And Robust: How Singapore Approved Its COVID-19 Vaccines

No shortcuts were taken in the COVID-19 vaccine review processes, says Professor John Lim, executive director of the Centre of Regulatory Excellence at Duke-NUS Medical School.

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Japan Suicide Rates Reveal COVID-19’s Mental Health Toll

Monthly suicide rates in Japan declined by 14 percent during COVID-19's first five months, but later increased by 16 percent during the pandemic's second wave.

Facing The Double Threat With Fortitude

By differentiating between the two diseases, MiRXES’ new Fortitude SARS-CoV-2 and flu A/B test could help countries face the ‘twindemic’ of flu and COVID-19.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s 2020 Roundup

Stories of scientific breakthroughs were bright spots in a year clouded by pandemic news. Here are Asian Scientist Magazine’s top 10 pieces of 2020.

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COVID-19 Diagnostics Explained

Access to testing is essential for containing COVID-19, but the accuracy of the tests used also matters a great deal.

How Singapore Is Taking On COVID-19

An effective government-led response, trust in authorities and regular communication has helped Singapore mitigate the first wave of COVID-19 imports, writes Jeremy Lim.