palm oil

Making Palm Oil Plantations Sustainable

To safeguard biodiversity, researchers recommend having ‘green highways’ that link forested areas separated by stretches of oil palm plantations.

7 Must-Read Stories In July 2018

This month’s most-read articles revolved around clinicians and researchers working at the interface of scientific disciplines.

Counting The Carbon Cost Of Palm Oil

Every hectare of rainforest converted to oil palm plantation releases 174 tons of carbon in the form of carbon dioxide, researchers say.

Mangrove Deforestation Driven By Rice & Palm Oil Agriculture

Conversion of mangrove forests to land for commodity crops has played a significant role in the deforestation of Southeast Asia.

Malaysia Baulks On Oil Palm Maps

Malaysia is the only country not to have supplied maps of its palm oil plantations, information which could help pin point sources of forest fires.

Palm Oil Watchdog Raises Standards

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has adopted ‘sustainable’ farming and trade standards for the next five years.

Palm Oil Additive May Not Stand Up To Scientific Scrutiny

Marketed as a healthier oil due to its apparent stability and lower oil absorption rates, Afdhal palm oil may not stand up to the scrutiny of critics.

It Takes Three To Clap: Helping Renewable Energy Soar In Asia

A high-level panel at the World Economic Forum on East Asia discussed a trifecta of changes in policy, technology and education that are needed to help renewable energy take flight in the region.

Indonesia’s Biofuel Subsidies May Speed Up Forest Loss

Planned biofuel subsidies are expected to expand palm oil plantations in Indonesia, to the detriment of the country's forests.

Indonesia’s Forest Loss Linked To Oil Palm Industry

Satellite images show that Indonesia has lost six million hectares of primary forest from 2000-2012, due in part to expanding oil palm plantations.