Pain Neurons Protect Bone From Fungal Invaders

More than just sensing pain, pain neurons can inhibit inflammation and bone destruction during fungal infections.

Brain Training To Reduce Phantom Limb Pain

Training the brain with a robotic prosthetic arm has helped some patients reduce phantom limb pain, study shows.

‘Pain Paradox’ Substance Both Triggers & Suppresses Pain

Substance P, which is produced in our nervous system, activates pain in some parts of our body but suppresses pain in others, a study shows.

Gold Nanorods Provide Targeted Pain Relief

Scientists have used lipoprotein coated gold nanorods to desensitize pain receptors in cell culture.

High Fat Diets Desensitize Fullness Receptors

Apart from sensing hot chili peppers, the receptor TRPV1 is also involved in detecting a full stomach, researchers say.

The Two-Step Amplification Of Pain

Researchers have shown how the sequential activation of TRPV1 and ANO1 amplify pain in mice.

Spider Venom May Have Legs As Future Painkiller

A high throughput screen has identified peptides in spider venom that could potentially be used to treat pain.

Do Fish Feel Pain?

A study linking grey matter to the subjective perception of pain suggests that fish do not experience pain in the same way that humans do.

The Pathways Of Pain

A study in flies has identified two mutually-interdependent proteins involved in regulating pain responses.

Growing Pains: Blocking IGF-1 Reduces Pain In Mice

Scientists have found that inhibiting the actions of a hormone known as insulin-like growth factor 1 lessens pain perception in mice.