Ozone Pollution Threatens Asia’s Food Security

Ozone pollution has been linked with about US$63 billion in annual crop production losses, slashing wheat, rice and maize yield in East Asia.

As PM2.5 Falls, Ozone Pollution Rises In China

Fine particulate matter in the air, while harmful for health, act as a sponge for free radicals that help produce ozone, according to research by scientists in China and the US.

Confirmation Of Tropospheric Hotspot Supports Global Warming

A new and improved dataset has confirmed the trophospheric hotspot, adding to the growing evidence of global warming.

Do Higher Temperatures Increase Surface Ozone?

Warmer temperatures increase biogenic emissions and speed up chemical reactions to increase surface ozone levels, study says.

Ozone Wiped Out Six Million Tons Of India’s Crops In 2005

Scientists say that ozone pollution damaged six million metric tons of India's crops, which could have fed 94 million people.

Pacific Flights Create Most Amount Of Ozone

The amount of ozone created from aircraft pollution is highest from flights leaving and entering Australia and New Zealand.