Oxytocin Can Warp Our Sense Of Time

The hormone oxytocin is responsible for the temporal compression effect, where the duration of social interaction feels shorter than it actually is.

RAGE Is Responsible For Absorbing Oxytocin In Breastmilk

Scientists have solved the mystery of how oxytocin in breastmilk crosses the gut to reach the bloodstream of baby mice.

An Essential Protein That Pumps Calcium Into Breastmilk

A study in mice has revealed that the protein Orai1 is responsible for 50 percent of the calcium ions in a mother’s milk.

Can’t Ignore Those Puppy Dog Eyes? Oxytocin Explains Why

Eye contact between dog and owner can trigger surges of oxytocin in both, deepening their interspecies bond.

Oxytocin Helps Rats Sober Up

A dose of the hormone oxytocin can help rats pass a sobriety test with flying colors.

Poor Mother-Baby Bonding Can Be Passed Down

A stormy relationship with your mother might affect your own relationship with your child, researchers say.

‘Love Drug’ May Treat Abdominal Pain

A hormone that induces labor and encourages social bonding may hold the key to treating abdominal pain, according to a new study.