Owls That Ventured Out In The Sun

Fossil records unearthed in China suggest that a now-extinct owl species hunted during the day rather than at night.

Once In A Century Shot: Rediscovering Borneo’s Rajah Scops Owl

After capturing the first-ever photographs of a Bornean Rajah scops owl, researchers hope to study the rediscovered bird in greater detail.

Shhh! Traffic Noise Messes Up Owl Hunts

Traffic noise reduces the hunting efficiency of 'acoustic predators' like owls by up to 89 percent.

New Owl Species Is Unique To One Indonesian Island

Researchers have discovered an owl that is endemic to the Indonesian island of Lombok.

Two New Owl Species Discovered In The Philippines

Two new species of owls have been discovered in the Philippines by Michigan State University researcher, Pam Rasmussen.