ovarian cancer

Aptamers To Help Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

Researchers in Hong Kong have combined aptamers with anticancer drugs to specifically target ovarian cancer cells.

Helping Cancer Genetic Testing Go Mainstream

Community-level hospitals could help specialist centers cope with the increased volume of ovarian cancer patients seeking genetic counselling and testing.

Treating Ovarian Cancer With An Anti-Parasite Drug

Ivermectin, a drug used to treat parasitic infections, has been found to be useful in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

A Delicious Finding: Onion Compound Has Anti-Cancer Properties

Onionin A, a natural compound derived from onions, was found to exhibit several anti-ovarian cancer properties.

Multigene Sequencing Panel Detects Breast Cancer Early

Rather than testing them one by one, this test spots patients in India with risk of breast and ovarian cancers by using next-generation sequencing for a panel of genes.

Antibody May Help Immune System Catch Evasive Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancers resistant to existing treatments could be tackled using the PD-1 inhibitory antibody nivolumab, study shows.

The Genetics Of Why Ovarian Cancer Treatments Fail

By using whole genome sequencing on 92 ovarian tumors, researchers have uncovered genes which confer resistance to chemotherapy.

New Ovarian Cancer Test Twice As Sensitive

The relative levels of the protein CA125 can detect invasive epithelial ovarian cancer with a sensitivity of 86 percent, study shows.

New Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility Loci Identified

A study of almost 70,000 women has identified six new genes linked to ovarian cancer.

New Markers For Ovarian Cancer

Researchers have identified two new biomarkers of ovarian cancer, Lgr5 and CHEK2.