Removing Old Cells Could Prevent Arthritis

An experimental drug has been shown to prevent osteoarthritis in mice by selectively removing aged cells.

CMBG Receives US$2.29 Million Grant For Stem Cell Therapy

China's Cellular Biomedicine Group has received US$2.29 million to support pre-clinical studies of stem cell therapy for knee osteoarthritis.

Nanoparticle-Delivered mRNA Suppressed Osteoarthritis In Mice

Injecting transcription factor mRNA into joints could be a novel way to treat osteoarthritis in the future.

Scientist Develops ‘Google Maps’ For The Body

By marrying Zeiss' imaging technology with Google's map stitching capabilities, researchers have developed a method to zoom in on the body's tissues and cells.

Physiotherapy May Not Help Hip Osteoarthritis

A randomized clinical trial has shown that physiotherapy is no better than placebo treatments for patients with hip osteoarthritis.

Finger Length A Pointer To Knee Problems

The smaller the difference between the length of your ring and index fingers, the higher your chance of knee replacement in old age, according to a study.

BioPen To Help Surgeons Deliver Cells Into Site Of Injury

A handheld “bio pen” may someday be used by surgeons to deliver live cells directly to damaged and diseased bone material.

Indians With Arthritis At Greater Risk Of Heart Disease, Study

Indian patients with rheumatoid arthritis face a greater risk of developing heart disease than their European and US counterparts, says a new study.

Curcumin Curry Spice Could Suppress Inflammation In Tendinitis, Arthritis

A common culinary spice found in Indian curries could offer hope for sufferers of the painful condition tendinitis, which causes pain and tenderness near to joints.

Long-Term Smoking May Be Protective Against Osteoarthritis, Study

Men who have been smoking for decades are less likely to require hip and knee replacements in their old age, according to new research.