Self-Medicating Orangutan Seen In Indonesia

Scientists have documented a Sumatran orangutan applying the sap of a pain-relieving plant to an open wound, suggesting a shared ancestral origin of human wound care practices.

More Than Half Of Borneo’s Orangutans Have Been Lost

In addition to habitat destruction, hunting of orangutans is a major cause of the decline in orangutan populations in Borneo.

7 Must-Read Stories In November 2017

Outstanding scientists, ambitious biotech startups, modernized acupuncture and a video of CRISPR in action were the hottest topics of November 2017.

Newly Discovered Orangutan Is The Seventh Great Ape

There are only 800 individuals of a newly recognized orangutan species, making them among the most threatened great apes in the world.

How Orangutans Cope With Fragmented Forests

Bornean orangutans in human-disturbed forests search for areas with denser and taller trees, making such patches of forest crucial for conservation.

Orangutans Broadcast Their Travel Plans One Day In Advance

Wild male orangutans plan their travel direction one day in advance and communicate these plans to other orangutans, according to a study.

Borneo’s Orangutans Come Down From Trees

Primatologists in Borneo have found that orangutans spend a surprising amount of time walking on the ground.

Orangutan, Asian Rhino On Asian Endangered Species List

The Wildlife Conservation Society has released a list of endangered Asian species that call for immediate government action.