Metamaterials Designed By Deep Learning

Designing metamaterials just got easier and more systematic with this deep learning program developed by researchers in South Korea.

Parasite Eyes Inspire Ultrathin Camera

Researchers in South Korea have engineered an ultrathin digital camera based on the eye structure of Xenos peckii, a type of wasp parasite.

Measuring The Shape Of Lasers Without A Vacuum

Using two superimposed lasers, scientists in South Korea have devised a fast and high resolution method to measure ultraviolet, visible and longer wavelength pulses.

Philippine Senator Moves To Commend Scientists On 2018 AS100 List

Senator Leila de Lima is asking the Philippine senate to give due distinction and support to Filipino academicians, scientists, researchers and inventors.

Seeing The Brain Without Opening The Skull

A research group in South Korea has devised a strategy to perform bioimaging through opaque tissues.

No Lens, No Problem!

A technique that can capture sharp, multi-colored images without a lens could pave the way for slimmer cameras and smart phones.

A Peek At The Brain Through See-Through Skulls

Scientists in China have developed optical clearing agents that can make the skulls of living mice transparent, allowing high resolution imaging of brain structures.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Nathaniel Hermosa II

For optics and photonics researcher Nathaniel Hermosa, light is a tool that can be manipulated to uncover the secrets of the universe.

Giving NMR A Signal Boost

Scientists have modified the nuclear magnetic resonance method to collect light signals in addition to radio signals, thus broadening the utility of the technology.

Building Tiny But Powerful Lasers

Scientists from Japan and the US have used a method called Q switching to amplify the power output of a small laser.