oled displays

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Vivian Yam

By harnessing the unique properties of photoactive materials, Professor Vivian Yam hopes to develop processes that would utilize energy in a cheaper and more efficient manner.

Seeing Thick OLEDs In A New Light

A research group in Japan has found that perovskite can be used in the development of thick organic light-emitting diodes that function on par with their OLED-only counterparts.

Wearable OLED Patch Helps Heal Wounds

By mounting flexible OLEDs, batteries and anti-superheating devices on a thin film, scientists have developed a wearable patch that can facilitate wound healing.

Light-Emitting Fibers For Wearable Displays

Scientists in Korea have developed a method to create light-emitting fabric that can be used in wearable displays.

HKU And TCL Establish Joint Lab For Printable OLED Materials

The University of Hong Kong and TCL Corporation intend to study gold materials for printable OLED materials and technology.

Researchers Increase OLED Device Lifetime Eightfold

By adding layers of a lithium-containing molecule to a thermally-activated delayed fluorescence material, researchers were able to increase its device lifetime without sacrificing efficiency.

Cheaper OLED Displays Without Precious Metals

Researchers have come up with a more cost-effective method of producing highly efficient organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, commonly used in HD TVs.