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Astrocytes: More Than Just A Neuron’s Assistants

Astrocytes could be contributing to storing memories and more in the brain, hints a study from Japan.

Severe COVID-19 Linked To Neanderthal Gene

A long stretch of DNA inherited from an interbreeding event with Neanderthals some 60,000 years ago has been linked to increase risk of severe COVID-19.

Smart Polymer Lights Up Under Stress

Scientists in Japan have developed a luminescent polymer that can quickly and sensitively detect stress.

A Potential Substitute For Silicon In Solar Cells

Inorganic perovskites of a particular crystal configuration could outperform silicon in solar cells, scientists say.

Scientists Sequence Okinawan Sea Grape Genome

Not only did researchers in Japan decode the genome of the Okinawan sea grape, they also compared the genome to 15 other plant genomes to shed light on plant evolution.

Machine Learning To Keep An Eye On Migrating Cells

Japanese researchers have developed a machine learning tool that allows the study of label-free cells migrating in vitro.

Analyzing Gene Trees With Ease

Scientists in Japan have developed a web-based tool capable of inferring gene function, estimating gene trees and identifying sets of ancestral genes in minutes.

Not A Numbers Game: Gene Regulation Made Vertebrates Special

The ability to regulate genes, rather than the sheer number of genes, is responsible for the development of a backbone in animals, scientists say.

Different Shades Of Blue: A Closer Look At Depression

Researchers have identified three subtypes of depression, including one that is unresponsive to commonly prescribed anti-depression drugs.

Scientists Decode The Asian Catfish Genome

Researchers in Japan and Vietnam have sequenced the genome of the Asian catfish, which could help fisheries identify important genes for rapid growth and disease resistance.