An Eco-Friendly Filter For Our Big Microplastic Problem

Two South Korean research teams have built a nanogenerator for filtering microplastics out of our oceans to protect marine life and public health.

Circulate Capital And USAID Team Up To Fight Ocean Plastic Pollution

The partnership will incentivize private capital investment in the recycling value chain in South and Southeast Asia.

Japan’s KUROSHIO Emerges 2nd In Ocean-Mapping XPRIZE (VIDEO)

A team of Japanese researchers took home US$1m and claimed the runner-up position in this year’s Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE.

2017 Officially The Warmest Year On Record

Global ocean heat content, a robust indicator of global warming, reached its highest recorded levels in 2017.

Is The Earth Heating Up? Ask The Oceans

Measuring how much heat stored in the oceans is a faster way of tracking global warming, scientists say.

The Oceans Heat Up As Global Warming Persists

An analysis of three independent datasets confirm that the oceans are warming rapidly.

As Ocean Temperatures Rise, So Have Squid & Octopus Numbers

The number of cephalopods—octopus, cuttlefish and squid—has increased in the world’s oceans over the past 60 years, possibly due to their ability to adapt to changes in the environment.