‘Magic Soil’ Turns The Tide Against Algal Blooms

Chinese researchers have modified clay to inhibit algal blooms that threaten Chile’s aquaculture stock.

Setting Sail To Explore West Java’s Marine Biodiversity

A joint team of scientists from Singapore and Indonesia has embarked on the first-ever expedition to explore biodiversity in the deep seas of West Java.

Asia A Major Producer Of Microplastic Pollution

Eight rivers in Asia are among the top ten sources of plastic pollutants in the world’s oceans, according to research by German scientists.

In A Changing Climate, Species Tend To Go With The Flow

Species expanded their range faster and kept track of climate better when ocean currents matched the direction of warming, a new study suggests.

Fluctuating Sea Levels Threaten Southeast Asia’s Coastal Dwellers

Sea levels rose and fell two feet around 6,000 years ago in Southeast Asia, even without human-induced climate change.

How Life Returns After A Tsunami

First, small fish with short lifespans return; larger, longer living fish return more slowly.

How To Become A Marine Biologist

A Singaporean university partners with other institutions to build a global network of citizen oceanographers.