Exercise During Pregnancy Boosts Babies’ Health

Moderate exercise before and during pregnancy promotes healthy fetal development through DNA methylation, researchers in Singapore find.

Pretty Grape: How Grape Seed Extract Makes Mice Live Longer

Research from China demonstrates that a flavonoid extracted from grape seeds increases the lifespan of old mice by killing cells that promote aging.
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Meet The Man With A Mission: Accessible Nutrition (VIDEO)

By harnessing nutritious ingredients from cell-based milk, TurtleTree Executive Vice President Yip HonMun is on a mission to make protein production affordable and sustainable.

Digging Into The Science Of Protein Cravings

When deprived of protein, specialized cells in our gut release a hormone telling our brain to crave food containing essential amino acids.

No Sugar-coating Here: How Asian Food Affects Blood Sugar

To encourage healthier eating habits, researchers from Singapore have ranked common Asian foods according to their impact on blood sugar levels.

Pitching For A Home Run

TechInnovation 2020 saw start-ups, polytechnics and universities presenting new technologies and ideas across crowdpitching sessions on four unique themes.

To Eat Or Not To Eat? The Science Behind Ten Common Food Beliefs

Nutrition expert Professor Christiani Jeyakumar Henry spills the beans on which popular food beliefs are true and which ones should be taken with a grain of salt.

Going Beyond Urban Farming (VIDEO)

Urban farms are not just centers of food production, but also spaces to provide care to the community, says Mr. Bjorn Low, founder of social enterprise Edible Garden City.

Pushing The Frontiers Of Food Innovation (VIDEO)

Dr. Ralph Graichen, senior director of the Food, Nutrition and Consumer Care Cluster at A*STAR, Singapore, is spearheading initiatives to promote food innovation in Singapore.

IPI’s Top 10 TechOffers Of 2019

Take a look back at some of this year's most interesting innovations found on IPI's Online Marketplace.