nuclear fusion

7 Must-Read Stories In August 2018

From anti-aging research to science stories for the young (and the young at heart), here’s what you might have missed in August.

China And Thailand Partner Up For Fusion Power Research

China donates its HT-6M tokamak to Thailand, fuelling China-Thai cooperation on fusion power research.

Supercomputers Used To Simulate Fusion Reactor Materials

Supercomputers have helped researchers realistically model what happens to tungsten when it comes into contact with impurities during nuclear fusion reactions.

Australian & Chinese Universities Collaborate On Fusion Energy Research

Australian and Chinese researchers will embark on a joint research on the Holy Grail of energy research—nuclear fusion.

Physicists Solve Quantum Tunneling Mystery

Supercomputer calculations have provided attosecond-scale calibrations that can serve as a good reference point for future experiments on protein folding or electronics.

Tohoku Launches Condensed Matter Nuclear Reaction Division

The Research Center for Electron Photon Science will conduct experiments with the aim of finding a theoretical explanation for cold fusion.

China Will Train 2,000 Experts In Nuclear Fusion

China has pledged to train 2,000 skilled experts to carry out research on nuclear fusion.