new zealand

Asian Migrants’ Changing Diets

An analysis of New Zealand's 2008/09 Adult National Nutrition survey has shown that Asian migrants are more likely to adopt Western diets the longer they live abroad.

Pets Could Transmit Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Think twice before you kiss your family pet. Scientists say that household pets could be a source of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Food Coloring For Child-Safe Batteries

Highly concentrated food dye could alert parents to when children swallow batteries, helping them seek immediate medical attention.

Experts Discuss Latest In Hematology Research At Suntec Singapore

Hematology experts gathered at Suntec Singapore from March 29-30, 2014 to discuss the latest in blood disorders research.

Timid Jumping Spider Uses Ant As Bodyguard

Ants act both as guardians and predators of jumping spiders in a three-species interaction described by scientists.

When Two Become One, One Switches Off

In allopolypoids, which are formed when two different species merge into one, the DNA of both is conserved, but only one species' RNA is expressed, says a geneticist.

Natural Killer Cells Activated By Bacteria Also Fight Cancer

A new study shows that bacteria-activated NK cells participate in the anti-tumor immune response.

Clinical Trial To Test Renal Denervation In Heart Failure

Doctors at the National University Health System in Singapore are testing a new approach for managing and treating patients with heart failure.

Study Shows That Babies Can Detect Different Languages

Babies understand that people who speak different languages use words differently, according to a study.