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7 Must-Read Stories In November 2014

Monkeys, mice and koala bears, oh my! Check out these cool stories featured in November.

Kisspeptins Linked To Male Brains & Female Fertility

Previously known to regulate female fertility, kisspeptin has now been shown to be involved in molding male brains.

EmTech Singapore’s 10 Under 35 Innovators Revealed

Ten young innovators have made it to EmTech Singapore's Innovators Under 35 list, selected from over 100 applicants from Asia and Australasia.

Recycling CO2 Into Omega-3

The ability to obtain omega-3 oils from CO2 emissions turns the issue of food versus fuels on its head.

Vitamin D Protects Babies From Respiratory Infections

Taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy seems to help prevent babies from getting respiratory infections after birth.

APEC Advisors Call For Science-Based Innovation

More can be done to strengthen scientific ties within APEC, said senior advisors at a high-level networking session held in New Zealand on August 30, 2014.

Of Bees, Mites and Viruses

A study documents the spread of bee-killing viruses through New Zealand via the parasitic mite Varroa destructor.

Climate Change Not ‘One-Size-Fits-All’

A study of moraines shows that climate change has differential effects on the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Singapore & New Zealand Launch Joint Nutrition Research Projects

Singapore's A*STAR and New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment have jointly set aside US$3 million for food and nutrition research.