Supporting Science At All Scales

Supercomputers are helping scientists investigate phenomena at all scales, from the cosmos to quantum mechanics.

Blazar Identified As Source Of High-Energy Neutrino

An international team of scientists has found the origin of a ultra-high energy neutrino that was first detected in September 2017.

Japan Scales Up Particle Physics Research

The Next-generation Neutrino Science Organization will oversee the Hyper-Kamiokande nucleon decay and neutrino experiment.

India Begins Mining For Dark Matter

Indian physicists have begun the search for dark matter at the Jaduguda mine complex, an active uranium mine.

Supernovae Likely To Be Powered By Neutrinos

Using computer simulations, scientists have found evidence that massive supernovae formed from the explosion of neutron stars are triggered by escaping neutrinos.

Sterile Neutrinos Evade The NEOS Detector

Results from a new experiment shows that finding sterile neutrinos may be more challenging than we thought.

Super-Kamiokande Is Poised To Catch A Supernova In Action

Supernovas are rare—only three or four happen every century—but the Super-Kamiokande scientists are ready to capture it with their detectors.

Precise Measurement Of Antineutrino Spectrum Reveals Calculation Discrepancy

The most precise measurement of an antineutrino spectrum to date shows that calculations based on theoretical models may not be so accurate.

Four Asian Teams Win 2016 Breakthrough Prize In Fundamental Physics

Established by key entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley, the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in fundamental physics went to Japanese, Chinese and Canadian research teams working on neutrino oscillation.

Dairy Queen & Physicist Among 2015 Nikkei Asia Prize Winners

Vietnamese diary industry leader Mai Kieu Lien and Chinese physicist Wang Yifang have won this year's Nikkei Asia Prizes for business innovation and science & technology, respectively.