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Curiosity Changes The Brain To Enhance Learning

Those who are curious about a topic will not only want to know more, but will also remember more.

Brain Enzyme Causes Alzheimer’s Disease Through Novel Pathway

Researchers have discovered that an enzyme known for generating toxic brain plaques in Alzheimer's disease also affects learning and memory through another mechanism.

Brain Inflammation Linked To Schizophrenia, Study

An Australian study has shown increased inflammation in the brains of people with schizophrenia, tightening the link between immune function and schizophrenia.

Alzheimer’s Disease Attacks Body Decades Before Diagnosis, Study

Scientists have observed clinical and biomarker changes in the spinal fluid and brain of Alzheimer's patients up to 25 years before they show any clinical symptoms.

Broken Heart = Broken Bones In Elderly

Researchers have found that people suffering from depression are more likely to fall, pointing to a complex relationship between mental illness, a sense of balance, and falling in older people.

Left Brain-Right Brain Split Challenged By Musical Study

New research from Australia is challenging the widely held view that emotions and feelings are the domain of only the right hemisphere.

Regular Doses Of Sunshine Could Help Prevent Falls

A new study has found that low vitamin D levels are associated with an increased risk of falls in the elderly, particularly in men.