Astrocytes: More Than Just A Neuron’s Assistants

Astrocytes could be contributing to storing memories and more in the brain, hints a study from Japan.

microbiota, neurodegeneration

Brain Disorders Get A Gut Check

Certain gut bacteria promote degeneration of neurons causing medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, researchers from Hong Kong have found.

Serotonin Crucial For Energy Production In Neurons

Scientists in India have found that serotonin triggers the generation of mitochondria in neurons.

Integrator Genes Play Key Role In Brain Development

Researchers in Singapore have demonstrated that integrator genes help prevent the de-differentiation of neurons in the brain.

Lab-Grown Mini-Brains Link Up

Researchers in Japan have found a way to mimic the architecture of the brain using neurons grown on a microdevice.

X-Chromosome Inactivation Reveals Cause Of Rare Brain Disease

Scientists have found that the CASK gene is responsible for a rare brain disorder called MICPCH.

Studying Cell Migration With A Brain-On-A-Chip

Scientists have developed a platform that allowed them to better understand how chemical gradients induce neuron migration.

The Pause Button Inside The Brain

Using optogenetics, researchers in Japan have demonstrated how the activity of specific neurons in the brain allow mice to prioritize their responses to the environment.

How ‘Grip-And-Slip’ Wires Up The Brain

Scientists in Japan have discovered how axons respond to cues in the environment to change their direction of migration.

Discovering The Brain’s Secret ‘Gardener’

A team of researchers from the University of Tokyo have discovered a molecule involved in the ‘pruning’ of neuronal synapses, with implications for neurological disorders.