neglected tropical diseases

Researchers Crowdsource For Novel Malarial Drugs

Once the domain of IT, researchers have adopted a crowdsourced approach to finding alternatives to artemisinin for malarial treatment.

Leptospirosis Study Unmasks Global Impact

A systematic review on leptospirosis sheds a light on its occurrence in Asia, as scientists implore policymakers to set up better systems for the surveillance and treatment of this neglected disease.

Takeda Joins WIPO Re:Search To Accelerate R&D

Through the WIPO Re:Search consortium, Japanese pharmaceutical Takeda plans to share intellectual property assets to facilitate R&D in neglected tropical diseases.

Removing Early Barriers To Drugs For Neglected Diseases

DNDi has formed a consortium with four pharmaceutical companies to hasten the development of drugs for leishmaniasis and Chagas disease.

The Slow Road To Stamping Out Neglected Diseases

Slow progressing but debilitating foot diseases are among the most neglected conditions in the world.

GHIT Fund Deepens Support For Schistosomiasis & Leishmaniasis

An additional US$11 million has been committed to developing diagnostics and drugs for neglected tropical diseases.

GHIT Funds Grand Challenges

The GHIT Fund and the Gates Foundation have joined hands to tackle infectious diseases that plague the developing world.

Cheap Nasal Spray May Save Snakebite Victims

Scientists are planning for clinical trials in India to test a simple nasal spray that could reduce snakebite fatalities.

Eisai Launches Website On Neglected Tropical Diseases

The Eisai Access to Medicines Navigator provides information on neglected tropical diseases for patients and healthcare professionals.

Indonesia Held Back By Neglected Tropical Diseases

Local scientists say that their research should be incorporated into plans to combat neglected tropical diseases in Indonesia.