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How Orangutans Cope With Fragmented Forests

Bornean orangutans in human-disturbed forests search for areas with denser and taller trees, making such patches of forest crucial for conservation.

Leopards Love Indian Tea Gardens

In north-eastern Indian tea gardens, the presence of leopards does not necessarily lead to conflicts with people.

Environmental Researchers Win 2016 Mahathir Science Award

Three researchers from Australia have received the 2016 Mahathir Science Award for their extensive work on orangutans in Borneo.

India’s Carnivores Co-Exist Peacefully

Unlike other big cats elsewhere, tigers and leopards in India live side by side with Asian wild dogs relatively peacefully.

Indonesia Opens First Shark And Manta Ray Sanctuary

The 46,000 square kilometer sanctuary is the first to be established in the Coral Triangle, and also provides protection to dugongs, whales, turtles, and dolphins.