natural disasters

Tech That Gives Back

As natural disasters, climate change and health emergencies continue to affect communities in Asia, people and institutions turn to tech to provide help.

#ExtremeWeather Updates: How Trending Posts Save Lives

Harnessing real-time conversational data from social networking platforms can provide life-saving information amidst extreme weather events.

Measuring How Wildlife Bounces Back After Disasters

Using a single unit of measurement called a ‘return period,’ researchers in Japan have determined the impact of extreme events on wildlife populations.

Q&A: The Philippines’ Aspirations To Be A Disaster Management Hub

The Philippines is positioning itself as a regional disaster management hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

How Life Returns After A Tsunami

First, small fish with short lifespans return; larger, longer living fish return more slowly.

Mt. Aso In Danger Of Erupting Post-2016 Kumamoto Quake

Mt. Aso, one of the largest active volcanoes in the world, is at much greater risk of erupting after the 2016 Kumamoto quake.

Slow Fault Movements May Indicate Impending Earthquakes

Contrary to current understanding, slow-slip events could signal an impending earthquake rather than a reduced seismic risk.