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Bilingualism Can Boost Cognitive Health In Later Life

Bilingualism enhances cognitive reserve by improving social cue interpretations. Such benefits persist till later in life.

Abandoned Croplands Can Help Address Food Scarcity

Better management of abandoned croplands can enhance food security and mitigate climate change, shows a study.

BacCam: Capturing Images In DNA

Bacterial Camera is able to store images directly in living bacteria using optogenetics and DNA barcodes.

Tracking Cannabinoids Abuse

A research team from Singapore has developed a urine test to detect the abuse of synthetic cannabinoids in the country.

Stress Might Be Making Your Jaw Pop

Stress linked TMJ disorders are rising but there seem to be little awareness about the condition in the medical community.

Defining A Better AI Future For All

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, but it also needs to be ethical. For some, the path towards ethical AI starts with how we talk about it.

Exercise During Pregnancy Boosts Babies’ Health

Moderate exercise before and during pregnancy promotes healthy fetal development through DNA methylation, researchers in Singapore find.

Pineapple Leaves Can Help You Get Slim

Fibrous capsules made from pineapple leaves could be effective in fat absorption, National University of Singapore researchers find.

Food For Thought: Technologies Transforming The Food Supply Chain

These five innovations are taking root in Asia to make the food supply chain speedier and more sustainable.

Supercomputers To The Rescue!

With high performance computing tools, Singapore is bolstering its response to emerging threats such as infectious diseases and climate change.