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A Spray A Day Keeps COVID-19 Away

Taking a povidone-iodine throat spray or oral hydroxychloroquine may reduce COVID-19 spread especially in high transmission settings, say scientists from Singapore.

Low Risk Of Coronavirus Transmission By Tears: Study

A small clinical study conducted in Singapore has indicated that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus may not be readily transmissible in tears.

Keeping Allergies Under Control (VIDEO)

Allergic reactions to peanuts can be dangerous, but Dr. Soh Jian Yi has devised an oral immunotherapy that can raise the tolerance level to peanuts in children.

Singapore Creates World’s Largest Asian Genetic Databank

The genomes of some 5,000 Singaporeans representing 80 percent of Asia's ethnic diversity have been sequenced by researchers in Singapore.

7 Must-Read Stories In August 2017

A bird flu outbreak in the Philippines and how flu viruses develop an eggshell-like layer in birds are among the most popular stories in August 2017.

What’s Different About Asia?

Upon learning firsthand that Asian and Caucasian patients responded differently to cancer drugs, John Wong founded the Cancer Therapeutics Research Group to study these differences.

Chronic Diseases In The Crosshairs

Diabetes may affect 350 million people worldwide, but they do not all need to be treated the same way, says clinician scientist Dr. Tai E Shyong, who studies the epidemiology of metabolic diseases.

OncomiRs, A Promising Target To Treat Lung Cancer

Researchers have discovered a class of small RNA molecules, known as oncomiRs, which is responsible for fueling lung cancer.

Should Glaucoma Patients Get Rid Of Their Cats? Not So Fast

Troubled by a recent study linking cats to glaucoma? Don't panic, ophthalmologists say.

Fusion Gene Drives Subset Of Asian Gastric Cancers

Scientists have identified a fusion gene that causes epithelial damage and increased cell invasiveness, predisposing carriers to gastric cancer.