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Putting Patients First

What is an academic research organization and how does it benefit patients? We speak to Dr. Teoh Yee Leong, CEO of the Singapore Clinical Research Institute to find out more.

Scientists Find Link Between Aristolochic Acid And Liver Cancer

A joint Singapore-Taiwan research has revealed a link between aristolochic acid (AA) and liver cancer.

Double Dose Of Tamiflu No More Effective In Severe Flu, Study

Double doses of the antiviral drug Tamiflu to patients with severe flu offers no clinical advantage over the standard dose, says a new study.

Researchers Identify New Type Of Intestinal Lymphoma

Researchers have identified a new type of deadly intestinal lymphoma that is particularly common in Asia.

Singapore-Developed Robot Delivers Quick And Scarless Surgery

Patients with stomach tumors will no longer have to endure an eight-hour long surgery, thanks to a surgical robot designed and built by Singapore researchers.