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How Chloroplast Size & Number Is Controlled

Scientists have identified a lipid which negatively regulates the rate of chloroplast division in the model plant Arabidopsis.

Coral Symbiont Genome Decoded For First Time

Researchers in Japan have decoded the genome of a coral symbiont for the first time, a breakthrough for coral biology research.

Genome Of “Living Fossil” May Help Explain How Limbs Evolved From Fins

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the coelacanth, an enigmatic prehistoric fish, providing valuable insights into how aquatic animals may have evolved limbs to live on land millions of years ago.

Ryukyuan, Ainu People Genetically Similar

The Ryukyuan and the Ainu share similar genetic traits despite living on opposite ends of the Japan Archipelago, a new study has found.

Scientists Decode Mutant Mice With Extra Set Of Ribs In Neck

Scientists have finally explained the mystery behind an odd-looking mutant mouse that had a short, kinky tail and an extra set of ribs in its neck.