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Sensei RNA: The Iron-sensing Master

In yet another serendipitous discovery, researchers from India have identified a new class of RNA molecules that can selectively recognize iron called ‘Sensei RNA.’

Topical Gel Protects Farmers From Toxic Pesticides

A team of scientists in India have developed a gel to protect farmers against the neurotoxic effects of pesticides.

Animals Vital For Preserving Carbon-Storing Forests

Animals play a vital role in dispersing seeds of carbon-storing trees, thereby affecting climate regulation by tropical forests.

Genetic Database Makes Finding Organ Donors Easier

A database of the different human leukocytes antigen genes in the Indian population could make it easier for those seeking organ transplants to find a match.

The Many Twists And Turns Of DNA Supercoils

Controlling the supercoiling of bacterial DNA could be one way to control their gene expression and cell physiology.

Sniff ‘N’ Track Or Run ‘N’ Scan?

In familiar environments, the ‘run-and-scan’ strategy is a more efficient way of finding food, at least according to mathematical models.