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Folding Drugs Into DNA Origami To Kill Tumors

Scientists in China have devised a nanotechnology platform to deliver interfering RNAs and anticancer drugs to tumors.

Rabies Virus Protein Helps Send Drugs To The Brain

Using a protein produced by the rabies virus, scientists in China have developed a nanoparticle which could lead to better treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

Coating Hemoglobin To Make Artificial Blood Safe

Scientists have successfully wrapped hemoglobin in polymer, paving the way for safe and effective artificial blood.

Body-Powered Batteries That Dissolve After Use

These batteries can harvest biomechanical energy from the body and then simply dissolve once no longer needed, reducing the need for surgery.

Electronics Delivered To The Brain By Injection

One million times more flexible than existing flexible electronics, the injectable mesh can be directly delivered to the brain.

DNA Origami Delivers Anti-Cancer Drug

DNA origami could be used to deliver harmful anti-cancer drugs in a more targeted fashion, study shows.

Hydrogen Bonds Visualized For First Time

Chinese scientists have visualized hydrogen bonds through modified non-contact atomic force microscopy (AFM) for the first time.