NASA Photo Reveals New Round Of Indonesian Forest Fires

NASA's Terra satellite has captured an image of actively burning areas in Indonesia, indicating a fresh round of forest fires.

Researchers Discover Aging Blue Supergiant Star In Virgo Cluster

Researchers have discovered an aging blue supergiant star located far beyond our Milky Way Galaxy in the constellation Virgo.

NASA Satellite Takes Pictures Of Australian Wildfires

Why are NASA satellite images of the Western Australia so lit up? Scientists have confirmed that these images show wildfires taking place.

70% Of Dust In North America Arrived From Asia, Says NASA

A new study by NASA scientists has revealed that up to 70 percent of the dust reaching North America comes from Asia.

NASA Cancels Ambitious Climate Study In Thailand

A complex and ambitious climate study planned by NASA in Southeast Asia has been canceled after Bangkok refused to approve the project.

Ground Control To Major Liu

It's a double first for China as it launches its first woman astronaut into space to assist with the country's first orbital docking. And they are just getting started.

Life On Mars: Just Add Carbon And Stir

Martian meteorites that fell to Earth may contain building blocks of life, says Marion Anderson from Monash University.

May 2012 Solar Eclipse To Cast ‘Ring Of Fire’ Around The Sun

Early Monday morning in Asia, the Moon will pass in front of the sun, transforming sunbeams across the Pacific side of Earth into fat crescents and thin rings of light.

NASA To Conduct Major Airborne Scientific Study In Southeast Asia

NASA scientists are planning a complex and ambitious study to probe a vast expanse of the Southeast Asian atmosphere from top to bottom.