Philippine Space Agency: From A Dream To Reality

Now that the Philippine Space Agency law is just a signature away from reality, we talked to two of the main persons behind the legislation, Dr. Rogel Mari Sese and Senator Bam Aquino.

The Age Of The Astropreneur Is Here

As space becomes increasingly democratised, even small companies in small countries can get in on the game, says Dr Bidushi Bhattacharya, CEO and co-founder of Singapore-based space tech incubator Astropreneurs HUB.

Computing In The Cosmos

Supercomputing Asia talks to Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Dr. Goh Eng Lim about the company’s supercomputer that is boldly going where no supercomputer has gone before.

The Subaru Telescope Prepares Jupiter For Its Closeup

Images of Jupiter’s surface taken with the Subaru Telescope have helped researchers to plan a mission to take detailed images of the planet’s mysterious Great Red Spot.

Total Solar Eclipse On March 9, Best Seen From Indonesia

There will be a total solar eclipse tomorrow, and those lucky ones in Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia will have the best view.

Air Pollution Linked To Higher Mortality

Researchers found that an increase in the PM2.5 by 10 μg/m3 was linked to a 42 percent increase in ischemic heart disease.

Japan Successfully Launches Rainfall-Tracking Satellite

The satellite launched by the Japanese space agency will provide detailed weather information and aid in the prediction of rain and snowfall.

Telecoupling Shows Global Impact Of China’s Forestation Efforts

MSU professor Jianguo Liu dissects the global impact of China’s struggle to preserve and expand its forests even as its cities and population balloon.

7 Must-Read Stories In October 2013

Seven interesting and captivating articles from the October 2013 issue of Asian Scientist Magazine.

US Astronomers Skip NASA Meeting To Protest China Exclusion

Several prominent astronomers have decided to boycott a NASA conference in November after six Chinese researchers were barred from attending.