Lights, Carbon Nitride, Bone Regeneration!

Growing stem cells on carbon nitride sheets not only activates bone-related genes, but also releases calcium ions when exposed to red light.

Ice: A Cool Way To Form Conductive Polymers

Deep frozen ice has been used as a template to optimize the electrical properties of polyaniline nanosheets.

Alzheimer’s Proteins Used To Enhance Transfection

Self-assembling nanosheets made of amyloid-forming proteins have been used to enhance retrovirus transduction.

Parkinson’s Protein Helps Make Ultrathin Nanoparticle Films

The bane of Parkinson's sufferers could turn out to have many useful applications in flexible electronics and wearable devices.

Repulsive Hydrogels Could Cut Friction

By tapping on repulsive rather than the usual attractive forces, materials scientists have created a hydrogel with unusual properties.

Nanosheets Roll On Command

Scientists from OIST have developed an optically traceable nanosheet that is responsive to pH.