Manipulating Materials On The Quantum Scale

With the help of tiny scaffolds called dendrimers, researchers from Japan have developed a new way to precisely control the production of quantum-sized materials.

A Triple Threat Against Cancer

A three-in-one approach combining immune checkpoint inhibition, tumor microenvironment targeting and chemotherapy drugs could help tackle difficult-to-treat tumors.

Cell Membrane Inspires Nanoparticle Computing

The lipid nanotablet platform uses lipid bilayer membranes as a ‘chip’ to control nanoparticles and create nanoparticle-based logic gates.

Nanoparticles Give Mice Night Vision

A research group in China has injected nanoparticles into the eyes of mice to allow the rodents to see in the dark.

Nanoparticles May Cause Blood Vessel Leakiness

Nanoparticles made from specific materials may widen the gap between cells that make up blood vessels, with implications for cancer metastasis.

Shielding Drug Delivery Nanoparticles From Proteins

By coating drug-containing nanoparticles in a shield of engineered proteins, scientists have created a targeted drug delivery system that may improve cancer treatment.

Neutrophils Used As ‘Trojan Horse’ To Target Brain Tumors

Scientists in China have loaded immune cells with nanoparticles containing an antitumor drug for cancer therapy and imaging.

Brain-Eating Amoebae Be Gone!

Scientists in Malaysia have discovered that anti-seizure drugs coupled with silver nanoparticles could be used to kill brain-eating amoebae.

Eco-Friendly Nanoparticles For More Vivid Displays

Scientists in Japan have created light-emitting nanoparticles that are fabricated without the toxic metal cadmium.

When Nanoparticles Hitch A Ride With Bile Acids

An international team of scientists has attached bile acids to the surface of nanoparticles to improve the passage of nanoparticles from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood.