Converting CO2 Into Fuel Without Metals

Researchers in India have developed the first metal-free—ligand-free catalyst for carbon dioxide conversion into methane.

Illuminating The Conversion Of Methane To Synthesis Gas

Researchers in Japan are one step closer to an eco-friendly catalyst for converting methane into useful gases.

Shaping Palladium Into Nanoscale Butterflies

Researchers in Japan have built butterfly-shaped palladium subnanoclusters in 3D, with potential applications as catalysts and functional materials.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Pussana Hirunsit

Pussana Hirunsit uses molecular simulations to understand and identify nanocatalysts that can be used to convert carbon dioxide into chemicals and fuel.

Platinum Fuel Cells Made Practical

By incorporating nickel and other metallic elements into platinum catalysts, researchers have enhanced the performance and durability of fuel cells.

Mesocrystals Make Hydrogen Production Ten Times More Efficient

A group of Japanese researchers has developed a photocatalyst that can make hydrogen production ten times more efficient.

Researchers Detect ‘Hot’ Electrons In Real Time

Using the wonder 2D material that is graphene, researchers have succeeded at measuring the amount of high energy electrons that indicate catalytic activity.