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Imprinted Nanoparticles For Stamping Out Breast Cancer

By synthesizing nanoparticles in the presence of their intended biomolecular targets, researchers in China have found a way to specifically target aggressive breast cancer.

Cleaner Power Sources Could Save 26 Million Years Of Life

Eliminating emissions by switching to cleaner power sources could add years to people’s lives in China and India, according to a study by scientists in the US.

Moss Makes A Good Air Pollution Sensor

Moss responds rapidly to air pollutants, especially sulfur dioxide, making it useful as a real-time pollution sensor.

Printable Sensors Sniff Out Rotten Food

A research group in China has developed a wireless sensing device that detects odors from meat which has gone bad.

How Plants Control Honeybee Caste Development

Plant miRNAs from pollen can delay caste differentiation and keep ovaries inactive in honeybee larvae, thereby producing sterile worker bees.

Asia’s Universities Inching Their Way Up

While Western countries continue to dominate the world ranking of universities, Asia is becoming increasingly visible.

2-In-1 Battery Stores Energy & Captures Carbon

While trying to develop a lithium-air battery, scientists stumbled upon a method to create solid carbon dust from carbon dioxide.

Giving Bacteria An Electrifying ‘Armor’

Coating bacteria in a conductive polymer not only increases the efficiency of electron transfer but also helps them survive better in microbial fuel cells.

New Australia-China Cancer Research Center In Jiangsu, China

The joint Australia-China cancer research center in Jiangsu, China will focus on cancer, inflammation and infectious disease.

Asian Institutions Continue Climb Up Nature’s Publishing Index (VIDEO)

China, Japan and South Korea are the top three countries on the 2016 Nature Index, a ranking based on the scientific output of over 60,000 research articles.