nagoya university

Creating Colors From Black And White Particles

Researchers in Japan have found a way to create colorful pigments from inexpensive and harmless particles.

A Trojan Horse For Killing Drug-Resistant Microbes

By hijacking the heme acquisition system of bacteria, researchers in Japan have devised a method to kill microbes that are resistant to antibiotic treatment.

Four Researchers From Asia Receive L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards

The L’Oréal-UNESCO International Awards For Women in Science acknowledge outstanding women who are pushing the frontiers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Chihaya Adachi Receives 2018 Nagoya Silver Medal

Professor Chihaya Adachi was conferred the award for his research on high-performance organic light-emitting transistors and laser diodes.

If You Must, Eat Sugar Only When Active

Metabolic syndrome could be avoided by consuming sugar only during active parts of the day, say researchers in Japan.

How Nerves Send An SOS Signal

A signal that normally triggers cell death has a different meaning in the context of nerve repair, scientists say.

Near Infrared Helps Bioimaging Go The Distance

Scientists in Japan have invented a near-infrared dye that can be used to investigate the dynamics of living organisms, tissues, cells and molecules.

10 Award-Winning Scientists From Japan To Watch

From biomedicine to particle physics, these ten award-winning scientists from Japan are making an impact across the globe with their discoveries.

Hopping Around The Color Spectrum (VIDEO)

Scientists have drawn inspiration from frogs to develop a composite material that can display a wide range of colors.

Cracking The Mystery Of Fossil-Preserving Rocks

Rather than forming over millions of years, spherical rock formations known as concretions can form in just a matter of months, researchers say.