Farming For The Future

COVID-19 has disrupted food supply chains across the globe, but agricultural technology is keeping Asia’s farming industry fertile through revolutionary apps, automated robots and more.

science prize for women 2021, li hongying, neni sintawardani

Two From Southeast Asia Win Science Prize for Women 2021

For working to achieve clean water and clean air, Singapore's Dr. Li Hongying and Indonesia's Dr. Neni Sintawardani have won the Underwriters Laboratory-ASEAN-US Science Prize for Women 2021.

How Risk Awareness Can Reduce Wildlife Consumption

Equipping the public with a deeper understanding of disease transmission risks may be key to changing wildlife consumption behaviors.

Five Must-Know Research And Development Trends In Asia

As revealed in the Five Years Of Asian Scientist 100, Asia's feverish growth is fueling innovation across agriculture, chemistry, physics and more.

Celebrating Five Years Of The Asian Scientist 100

Asian Scientist Magazine’s new white paper marks five years of celebrating Asia’s leading scientists with a deep dive into their stories of discovery and innovation.

Scientists Discover New Shrub Species In Myanmar

The flowers of the Agapetes reflexiloba have a distinctive striped pattern and bloom in December.

Mahouts In Myanmar Are Younger And Less Experienced, Study Shows

Political changes and urbanization may be threatening the traditions and training of elephant handlers, or mahouts, in Myanmar.

Study Reveals Contextual Clues To Help Reduce Antibiotic Use

Contextual information should be collected to identify factors that would influence the effectiveness of interventions such as antibiotic control, researchers say.

Singaporean Wins Inaugural WFEO 2018 Young Engineers Competition

Dr. Victor Sim’s winning project involves the use of membrane technology to provide safe and clean water to a town in Myanmar.

Hopping Through The History Of Frogs

Amber fossils found in Myanmar provide the oldest evidence of frogs in wet, tropical forests.