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Up To Two Thirds Of Marine Species Remain Unknown

Up to two thirds of all marine species living in our oceans are unknown to science, says an international consortium of scientists.

9-Meter Tall Australian T-Rex Discovered In Australia

Seven species of killer dinosaurs have been discovered in south-eastern Australia, including Australia's own T. Rex, a nine-meter-long predator with powerful arms and razor-sharp claws.

Mouse To Elephant? Wait 24 Million Generations.

Scientists have for the first time measured how fast large-scale evolution can occur in mammals, showing it takes 24 million generations for a mouse-sized animal to evolve to the size of an elephant.

New Dolphin Species, Tursiops Australis, Discovered In Victoria, Australia

A new dolphin species has been discovered in Victoria. Its name, the Burrunan dolphin, is an Australian aboriginal word meaning ‘large sea fish of the porpoise kind.'