China’s Chang’e-5 Journeys To The Moon And Back

Carrying the first moon samples in 44 years, China’s Chang’e-5 probe is now set to return to Earth.

Chang’e-4 Makes Historic Landing On Far Side Of Moon

In a world's first, China lands its lunar probe Chang'e-4 on the far side of the moon.

Getting A Glimpse Of The Far Side Of The Moon

China has launched the Chang’e-4 lunar probe which will go where no other lunar mission has gone before—the far side of the moon.

Meteorite Hints At Hidden Water On The Moon

The discovery of moganite in a lunar meteorite found in northwestern Africa suggests that water may be abundant on the Moon.

China Ramps Up Plans To Put Man On The Moon

How soon will China be able to put a man on the moon? Give them about three years, says our Final Frontiers columnist.

TeamIndus Teams Up With ISRO To Compete For Google Lunar XPRIZE

A private Indian space tech company will be launching a vehicle on the moon with the help of ISRO, in hopes of winning the Google Lunar XPRIZE.

Google Lunar XPRIZE: Asia’s Teams Shoot For The Moon

Three teams from Asia are racing to win in the 2016 Google Lunar XPRIZE competition.

Chinese Rover Discovers New Type Of Moon Rock

The lunar rover Yutu has discovered a new kind of moon rock, providing hints of the Moon's volcanic activity.

China’s Yutu Exposes The Layers Of The Moon

Data from the Yutu rover indicate that there are at least nine distinct layers below the surface of the Moon.

Hakuto Unveils Its Rovers In The Google Space Race

Team Hakuto has released the specifications for their entry in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, two moon rovers named "Moonraker" and "Tetris".